The Second Coming

By Cyberquill 07/05/20142 Comments


Two-thousand and some odd years ago, the Star of Bethlehem revealed the birth of Jesus to the Three Magi.

Last week, this curious star (see picture above) had suddenly materialized in the sky over my house. No doubt, God—having availed Himself of man-made aviation, as He is known to conscript temporal phenomena into His causes—put it there to reveal something to somebody.

It was about time.

Better late than never.

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  • Richard

    The Luftwaffe traced a vapour-trail ring in the sky over my house and elsewhere to direct the bombing.

    Do not therefore mistake the appearance of these trails as a messianic kiss and a hug. It was probably the Red Arrows preparing retribution against the EU in the person of your good-self, or seeking to thwart you preparations for Scottish secession.

    You are sorely needed over at manofroma.

    • Cyberquill

      Uh-oh. I’d better get out of Dodge then.

      Man of Roma? That’s the guy that shows and talks about naked women in antiquity all the time, right? I don’t know. Going there might evoke in me those sexual imperatives the existence of which I strive so hard to deny.

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