The Official 2012 Romney Campaign Gaff

By Cyberquill 08/02/20126 Comments

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  • Richard

    A toothpick is entirely the wrong image. Cowboys are upset at the suggestion that their beef is stringy and farmers that corn on the cob is inedible. Romney simultaneously alienates both ends of the political spectrum.

    Others will say he wants toothpicking recognised as an Olympic event. All I can say, as a foreigner with no particular reason to feel other than neutral about his prospects, is that he seems singularly unprepared for the Presidency. I might, of course, change my mind spectacularly.

    • Cyberquill

      Toothpick? You don’t fish much, do you? It’s a gaff, for crying out loud. And that’s entirely the perfect image. I think the Romney campaign should show a  sense of humor and add little gaffs to their assortment of promotional trinkets. 

  • Richard

    In 1948 Aneurin Bevan, creator of the NHS, said that the Conservatives were “Lower than vermin.”

    This was a turning point in Conservative fortunes. They formed a Vermin Club, wore metal badges depicting vermin and won the next election.

    Why would you wish to fish with a toothpick?

    • Cyberquill

      You have a toothpick fixation. It’s a type of paraphilia. Hypnosis might help. 

      • Richard

        No ~ just very committed.

  • Testazyk

    Yes, but there are toothpicks and then there are toothpicks:

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