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Why the Case Against Voter IDs is a Case for Free Firearms

By Cyberquill • 12/03/2016 • 4 Comments

If the expense associated with obtaining ID abridges your right to vote, then the expense associated with obtaining a gun abridges your right to keep and bear arms.

Meanwhile Under the Rainbow

By Cyberquill • 07/02/2015 • 2 Comments

More often than not, our personal views and our constitutional interpretation tend mysteriously to converge as if it were unfathomable that the hallowed charter might fail to reflect the full range of our convictions.

We the People’s Taxes

By Cyberquill • 11/04/2014 • 2 Comments

Has anyone ever heard of a period in U.S. history when de-facto unison reigned and no more than a negligible percentage of the people felt disenfranchised for one reason or another?

Suppressing Insurrections

By Cyberquill • 06/21/2013 • 2 Comments

The U.S. Constitution confers upon Congress the authority “to provide for calling forth the Militia to … suppress Insurrections.” So the same document that safeguards our most cherished liberties also gives our government the green light to go Assad on us should it see no alternative to safeguarding its own preservation. …

Who are “the People”?

By Cyberquill • 12/18/2012 • Leave a Comment

At the time of the founding, “the people” were white propertied males, period. Over the years, the term gradually expanded to include women and persons of color. …

As American as Apple Pie

By Cyberquill • 12/15/2012 • Leave a Comment

Mass shootings by deranged individuals are coming dangerously close to replacing MacDonald’s as the first thing the word “America” brings to mind in the rest of the world. …

Counting Pregnant Women (Pt. 2)

By Cyberquill • 07/29/2012 • 19 Comments

One of the survivors of the Aurora shooting, a pregnant woman that took a bullet to the stomach, has suffered a miscarriage in direct consequence of her injuries. Should the perpetrator be charged with one additional murder, raising the total from 12 to 13? …

Second Thoughts

By Cyberquill • 07/25/2012 • 4 Comments

Whatever the exact numbers, it seems that, roughly speaking, the more guns, the more people get shot, accidents and suicides included, with the United States leading the pack. Hard to say whether a decrease in gun ownership would spell much meaningful improvement, or if people would simply resort to alternative ways to hurt or kill themselves and others. …

The Constitution May Be Hazardous to Your Child

By Cyberquill • 05/22/2012 • 2 Comments

Disclaimers and warning labels have their place. Above all, they protect companies from getting swamped with lawsuits brought by customers seeking compensation for harm or injury incurred in consequence of having been insufficiently apprised that operating electronic devices while taking a bath may result in electrocution, that drying a wet cat in the microwave will harm the cat, or that abandoning the driver’s seat of an RV in order to go brew oneself a cup of joe in the back as the vehicle is coasting along at 70 mph raises the risk of coming to a sudden and unscheduled halt against one of the cedars lining the highway. …

The Missing Amendment

By Cyberquill • 01/06/2012 • 11 Comments

Americans love their bread and circuses. The presidential election hullaballoo is in full swing, and it verges on the intolerable, as it does for almost two out of every for years. …

Omar and His Brides

By Cyberquill • 12/15/2011 • 11 Comments

Although I’ve expanded upon this topic twice before, I continue to find it fascinating from a civil rights perspective as well as with regard to an aspect of plain elementary logic which precludes me from hopping aboard the gay marriage “rights” bandwagon in spite of my overall sympathy for the cause itself. …

Counting Pregnant Women

By Cyberquill • 11/21/2011 • 8 Comments

… Nothing against testing how far we can bend and stretch the words on the page so they accommodate our own views for the purpose of honing our argumentation skills in debating class; in the real world, however, those fewer-than-5,000 words that form the framework of the American system do not mandate everything we want nor do they outlaw everything we despise. …

Equality for Ketchup

By Cyberquill • 04/12/2011 • 26 Comments

When you go out for brunch, there’s a good chance the ketchup you slather on your mushroom omelet is married. Anyone, such as myself, unfortunate enough to ever have toiled in restaurants is intimately familiar with the server sidework known as “marrying” the ketchup, i.e., pouring the contents of one partially filled ketchup bottle into another partially filled ketchup bottle and repeating the process until one ends up with a bunch of brimful bottles and can toss the empty ones. …

If Words Have No Meaning

By Cyberquill • 01/17/2011 • 25 Comments

The Washington Post reports that federal authorities are planning to move the trial of the alleged gunman in the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Tucson to San Diego. But what is government if words have no meaning?

Best When Toe-Tagged

By Cyberquill • 06/07/2010 • 19 Comments

Barack Obama’s presidency is unconstitutional. His place of birth has nothing to do with it. The “birthers” were correct in their conclusion but wrapped themselves around the wrong issue to get there. Mr. Obama’s presidency is unconstitutional because, at age 47, he was simply too young to have been inaugurated. All his acts as “president” are therefore null and void. For all practical purposes, the nation has been a rudderless dreadnought for going on 18 months now. …

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