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Piling on The Don

By Cyberquill • 10/16/2016 • 2 Comments

Why Creepy Donald’s taped statements both support as well as undermine the credibility of his accusers.

Young at Heart

By Cyberquill • 05/20/2016 • 4 Comments

What is it that makes gender so fundamentally different from other qualities which, in the aggregate, comprise our identities?

How Do You Know I’m Not a Woman?

By Cyberquill • 03/09/2016 • 4 Comments

Who, other than myself, is in any position whatsoever to know my true gender and hence determine which locker room I belong in?

The Cosby Raped Me Show (Pt. 2)

By Cyberquill • 07/19/2015 • Leave a Comment

How do we—and to what extent should we—separate the artist from their work?

Dressed to Choose

By Cyberquill • 07/09/2015 • 2 Comments

All people are born equal, but some are born more equal than others.

Some Like It Trans

By Cyberquill • 06/03/2015 • Leave a Comment

No matter how deeply under your rock you may have been hiding for no matter how long, by now it has most likely been brought to your attention that there exists an intangible quality termed “true gender” that may or may not correspond to whichever biological sex you happened to have been born with.

Why Can’t I Shower With the Girls?

By Cyberquill • 01/31/2015 • Leave a Comment

Shouldn’t we be allowed to use whichever bathroom or locker room happens to reflect not our innate physical traits but our self-reported sexual identity?

The Cosby Raped Me Show

By Cyberquill • 12/03/2014 • Leave a Comment

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson terms “lazy brain” the practice of either accepting or discounting claims on their face. “What you should do is inquire,” he says. But how do we inquire without our personal biases and preferred outcomes skewing our inquiry?

Sex and Obamacare

By Cyberquill • 10/15/2013 • 2 Comments

Why should employers be required to cover precautionary measures pertaining to one recreational activity but not others? What makes birth control pills so inherently different from bicycle helmets? What’s so special about sex?

Why I Don’t Sleep With Drunk Girls

By Cyberquill • 08/23/2013 • 9 Comments

“If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her?” Seems like a perfectly legitimate question, yet somehow Dr Phil caused an uproar by posting it on Twitter. …

Why I Don’t Sleep With Black Girls

By Cyberquill • 08/13/2013 • 9 Comments

A black girl wrote a post titled “Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys.” This, of course, called for a white guy to write a companion piece titled “Why I Don’t Sleep With Black Girls.”

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