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The Donald and the Judge

By Cyberquill • 06/08/2016 • 10 Comments

Is it necessarily “racist” to call into question a person’s impartiality because of their national descent?

Affirmative Acting #OscarsSoWhite

By Cyberquill • 02/26/2016 • 8 Comments

The bad news is that this year’s Academy Awards feature zero non-white acting nominees. The good news is that, as always, 50% of actors nominated are women.

Black Lives Matter and the Intra-Racial Crime Rate Fallacy

By Cyberquill • 08/22/2015 • 2 Comments

What exactly does the fact that the majority of blacks that are killed are killed by other blacks have to do with the concept that black lives matter?

Some Black Lives Matter, Most Don’t

By Cyberquill • 06/21/2015 • Leave a Comment

Sadly, unless a black murder victim has the “privilege” of having being terminated by a white person or a law enforcement officer, his or her likeness is unlikely to wind up on the evening news, and no large-scale demonstrations will be held in his or her memory.

Ebony and Ivony

By Cyberquill • 06/19/2015 • Leave a Comment

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If Morgan Freeman had spent his whole life alone on a distant planet, would he be black?

Winnetou Dies Again

By Cyberquill • 06/07/2015 • Leave a Comment

For the third time in a little over a century, the German-speaking part of the world mourns the passing of Winnetou, chief of the Apaches and anthropomorphic condensation symbol of all things good and noble mankind has to offer at its best.

Why I Can’t Stand Black Opera Singers

By Cyberquill • 02/01/2015 • 4 Comments

The scourge of cultural appropriation must be stemmed.

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

By Cyberquill • 12/08/2014 • Leave a Comment

Under Giuliani’s predecessors, more blacks got killed and fewer were offended. Under Giuliani, more blacks were offended and fewer got killed. Which is more racist?

The Cosby Raped Me Show

By Cyberquill • 12/03/2014 • Leave a Comment

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson terms “lazy brain” the practice of either accepting or discounting claims on their face. “What you should do is inquire,” he says. But how do we inquire without our personal biases and preferred outcomes skewing our inquiry?

The White Take on Ferguson

By Cyberquill • 11/25/2014 • Leave a Comment

“Colorblind racists” tend to view blacks and whites as far more equal in far too many respects than is warranted by the evidence as presented by those who’ve issued themselves a clean bill of health with respect to their discriminating vision.

The Fearsome Amphibrach

By Cyberquill • 10/20/2014 • 2 Comments

Is karma being a bitch by having brought Ebola to Texas?

The Value of Black Life in America

By Cyberquill • 08/18/2014 • 2 Comments

What is the value of one black human life in America? Judging from the reactions to the violent termination of such a life, one might get the impression that its value hinges primarily on the identity—that is, on the race—of its terminator.

Let’s Talk About Race

By Cyberquill • 05/08/2014 • 2 Comments

We’re supposed to talk about race, but Lord have mercy on our souls if we say the wrong thing …

Why I Don’t Sleep With Black Girls

By Cyberquill • 08/13/2013 • 9 Comments

A black girl wrote a post titled “Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys.” This, of course, called for a white guy to write a companion piece titled “Why I Don’t Sleep With Black Girls.”

The Oreo Hypothesis

By Cyberquill • 11/04/2011 • 13 Comments

If you desire to hold on to your belief that God created the cosmos on 23 October 4004 BC, as reportedly sleuthed out from Biblical data by the venerable James Ussher in the 17th century AD, then how do you respond when confronted with truckloads of non-trivial astronomical and archeological data that put the age of our planet at roughly four billion and the age of the universe at 13 billion years and change? …

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