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A Novel Window to the Soul

By Cyberquill • 03/06/2011 • 8 Comments

Her eyes may be the windows to her soul, but her unclad epidermis is the window to the souls of her clients—at least according to Sarah White, New York’s famous Naked Therapist and most likely the only therapist in the country that might be able to sway Charlie Sheen to sign up for the counseling he so desperately needs. …

I Didn’t Like It

By Cyberquill • 03/30/2010 • 8 Comments

Wall Street almost drove the whole country into the ground. On the flip side, even the most ayatolloid Che Guevara T-shirt-wearing leftist would have to admit to the physical prettiness of New York City’s Financial District, this grid-less labyrinth of narrow European-style streets wending their way between beautifully architectured mostly pre-war buildings whose sheer height nevertheless renders the scenery uniquely New York. …

Thou Shalt Purchase Premium Broadway Tickets

By Cyberquill • 12/02/2009 • 4 Comments

I’m no economist, but I sometimes do wonder what kind of theory of economics a person subscribes to that impels them to use a certain terminology in their reportage. Last time I checked, the United States was a free market economy. Is such a system God’s gift to mankind? Probably not quite, as evidenced by the current casino-capitalism-induced fiscal Armageddon. …

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