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Meanwhile Under the Rainbow

By Cyberquill • 07/02/2015 • 2 Comments

More often than not, our personal views and our constitutional interpretation tend mysteriously to converge as if it were unfathomable that the hallowed charter might fail to reflect the full range of our convictions.

Taps for DOMA

By Cyberquill • 06/29/2013 • 2 Comments”

The Defense of Marriage Act is dead. Good. What’s not so good is the manner in which it was put to the sword. …

Marriage, Sex, Incest, and Tradition

By Cyberquill • 04/09/2013 • 6 Comments

Jeremy Irons has flung gay marriage proponents into a bit of a tizzy over his announcement—in an interview with the Huffington Post of all forums—that “I don’t have a strong feeling either way” about same-sex wedlock and conjuring up a slippery-slope-style scenario should the traditional definition of marriage be tinkered with in order to accommodate heretofore ineligible types of union. …

Omar and His Brides

By Cyberquill • 12/15/2011 • 11 Comments

Although I’ve expanded upon this topic twice before, I continue to find it fascinating from a civil rights perspective as well as with regard to an aspect of plain elementary logic which precludes me from hopping aboard the gay marriage “rights” bandwagon in spite of my overall sympathy for the cause itself. …

Equality for Ketchup

By Cyberquill • 04/12/2011 • 26 Comments

When you go out for brunch, there’s a good chance the ketchup you slather on your mushroom omelet is married. Anyone, such as myself, unfortunate enough to ever have toiled in restaurants is intimately familiar with the server sidework known as “marrying” the ketchup, i.e., pouring the contents of one partially filled ketchup bottle into another partially filled ketchup bottle and repeating the process until one ends up with a bunch of brimful bottles and can toss the empty ones. …

My Civil Right to Autosexual Marriage

By Cyberquill • 12/05/2009 • 6 Comments

If I wanted to marry myself and applied for a marriage license, chances are that every license-issuing magistrate on the planet would politely but firmly instruct me to take a hike. But why? More importantly, why should my request be turned down? What could possibly be wrong with entering into the sacred bonds of matrimony with the person I love, honor, and cherish above all others? …

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