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Mass Riots in the Middle East after Swiss Pastor Accidentally Refers to Muslims as “Muesli”

By Cyberquill • 04/28/2013 • 4 Comments

Alright, I made this headline up, but given the propensity of so many followers of Islam for getting their keffiyehs into fiery bunches over perceived slights to their faith, my fictional header may be a trifle less far-fetched than appears at first blush. …

Is Christianity a Religion?

By Cyberquill • 11/29/2012 • 2 Comments

Winter solstice drawing nigh and Fox News’s annual war on the “War on Christmas” having kicked into high gear, in the course of this verbal slugfest with the head of some Atheist organization, Bill O’Reilly fiercly puts forth the notion that Christianity is not a religion, but a philosophy. …

Tickets for Jihad

By Cyberquill • 11/12/2011 • 8 Comments

One score years ago, during a break while rehearsing a German-language production of West Side Story in which I mimed, warbled, and pirouetted along as of the Jets, the director held forth on the importance of selecting catchy titles for musicals: the shorter and simpler, the better, he explained, and he cited notable examples such as Hair, Fame, Grease, Cats, Chorus Line, and, of course, West Side Story. …


By Cyberquill • 05/05/2010 • 18 Comments

This issue seems oddly confusing to many people, so let me clear it up:

If a Muslim individual robs a bank because he wants to buy himself a bigger flatscreen TV, he or she is a bank robber, not an “Islamist” bank robber. …

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