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Let’s Talk About Nothing

By Cyberquill • 11/20/2014 • 9 Comments

You can bet your bottom dollar that whatever your notion of “nothing” in a given context, it invariably refers to something.

Believing in Elves but not in Fairies

By Cyberquill • 04/09/2014 • Leave a Comment

The (at the time of this writing still) mystifying disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has, among the myriad terrestrial theories that have been floated, prompted speculation that supernatural forces may have yoinked the Boeing 777 and eloigned it to otherworldly spheres. …

The Creation Conundrum

By Cyberquill • 09/03/2012 • 9 Comments

What good is the grandest hypothesis if it raises the exact same question it professes to answer?

Replacing one mystery with an equivalent mystery does nothing in the way of solving the mystery. Doing so merely reärranges the deck chairs on a sinking vessel, and it leaves us just as smart as we were before, except that our mystery now resides over there instead of over here. …

Watchmakers All the Way Down

By Cyberquill • 12/27/2011 • 8 Comments

A body with a fractured calvarium is found lying face-down on the sidewalk. The coroner explains that the victim was smashed over the head with a blunt object from behind. No witnesses, no murder weapon, no footprints, no fingerprints, and no DNA other than the victim’s, who, by all accounts, had no enemies. …

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