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Tickets for Jihad

By Cyberquill • 11/12/2011 • 8 Comments

One score years ago, during a break while rehearsing a German-language production of West Side Story in which I mimed, warbled, and pirouetted along as of the Jets, the director held forth on the importance of selecting catchy titles for musicals: the shorter and simpler, the better, he explained, and he cited notable examples such as Hair, Fame, Grease, Cats, Chorus Line, and, of course, West Side Story. …

Thou Shalt Purchase Premium Broadway Tickets

By Cyberquill • 12/02/2009 • 4 Comments

I’m no economist, but I sometimes do wonder what kind of theory of economics a person subscribes to that impels them to use a certain terminology in their reportage. Last time I checked, the United States was a free market economy. Is such a system God’s gift to mankind? Probably not quite, as evidenced by the current casino-capitalism-induced fiscal Armageddon. …

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