Proof that the U.S. Election is NOT Rigged

At least not in favor of the Democratic candidate for president.

Earlier today, I stopped by my local post office with the intent to fulfill my patriotic duty as a currently exiled American and mail off my absentee ballot. The clerk placed my official election mail envelope, which contained the slightly smaller envelope that contained my ballot, on the scales and matter-of-factly announced the crushing verdict: €7.00! (That’s $7.64, as per today’s conversion rate.)

Now, if I were a currently exiled citizen of one of the battleground states like Florida or Ohio, where my vote could conceivably make a difference one way or another, it would be a different story. But as someone with an income of zero and a personal net worth of somewhere in the neighborhood of a half grand in credit card debt that I haven’t managed to pay down in over five years, I find myself disinclined to blow seven bucks and change on postage for casting a symbolic vote in a state—the Great State of New York, in my case—so deeply blue that Hillary’s bound to sweep its 29 electoral votes in a landslide no matter what anyway. So from my point of view, mailing my ballot would have been seven euros down the drain. (I was prepared to absorb the €1.70 expense I had expected, but not four times that amount, the quadruplication stemming from the election envelope’s oversize, which I had failed to take into account when budgeting my vote.)

Thus I retook possession of the missive I had intended to dispatch, returned it to the pocket of my tattered coat, and repaired back to my little cave in the Vienna Woods—yes, all Austrian caves are fitted with broadband, just in case you’re wondering—somewhat reassured that the election can’t be quite as rigged against him as candidate Trump makes it out to be.

Because, more likely than not, a person in my income & personal wealth bracket—i.e., so low he’s apt to get sticker-shocked by a €7.00 price tag—votes Democratic (or Democrat in common GOP parlance). So the fact that “the system,” by refusing either to pony up the postage for absentee ballots or to design smaller ballots and envelopes so as to bring down to an affordable level the postage to be paid by the sender, lets slip through its fingers the votes of likely Democrat(ic) voters like me, does seem to hint at a wholesome measure of indifference toward the outcome of this election.

If anything, judging from the absentee ballot postage situation, the system appears rigged in favor of the right.

What say you now, Mr Trump?

  • Cheri

    Mr. Trump might have more to say after the recent Abedin-Weiner computer confiscation. I want to go on the Cyberquill record as saying that when the Watergate burglars’ antics first came to light, I told my husband, in law school at the time and a staunch Republican ( I was still a registered Democrat) that this was trouble.

    Then, pregnant and on the sofa most of the summer of 1973, I watched the entirety of the Watergate Hearings.

    I predict Hillary will win and then be impeached. You heard it here.

    There is no way Comey would have defied the Clinton machine unless something in that stash was significant…and to think she did this to herself.

    By the way, if you aren’t working, what are you doing all day? I find myself thinking I should go back to work.

    • Cyberquill

      Impeached? A President Clinton? No way. Can’t happen. You heard it here.

      Throughout this New York Times article, Hillary Clinton is consistently referred to as “Mrs. Clinton” and Huma Abedin as “Ms. Abedin.” Since both women are grown-up and married, I can’t quite figure out why one is a Mrs. and the other a Ms. Any theories?

      Although politically unaffiliated and not pregnant at the time, I spent the summer of 1995 watching the Simpson trial. That’s when I first heard of the Kardashinans. (Along with Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Kardashian was on O.J. Simpson’s defense team and helped secure a not guilty verdict in Mr. Simpson’s high-profile murder trial.)

      Chopping wood. Raking leaves. Shoveling snow. Moderating my blog. Always plenty to do. Found an English translation of The Glass Bead Game by Hesse in the home library here, so that’s what I’m reading in my spare time right now.

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