Jenny and the Cat

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Jenny belongs to a retired couple who reside a few houses up the street. Because she hates car rides and I currently “work” from home, whenever her owners take a day trip or go on vacation, they just drop her off at my house. And so Jenny and I have become fast friends over the years.

Although of amiable disposition most of the time, Jenny has zero tolerance for cats. Any feline espied will be chased mercilessly to the end of the world and beyond if


Yesterday, Jenny and I once again spent the afternoon together. At one point, as we were kicking back in the yard, the neighbor’s cute little gray kitty trespassed on the property, as it often does. The cat must have been about 40 feet away when Jenny caught sight of it. As is her wont, she instantly took off like a nuclear-powered RPG in the direction of the intruder.

Yet in lieu of turning tail and skedaddling back under the chain-link whence it had come, as would have been strategically advisable under the circumstances, the little tiger just stood there, frozen like a deer in the headlights, its back slowly arching while staring with eerie fascination at the canine juggernaut that was speedily approaching.

I’d already started saying a little prayer, figuring that as soon as Jenny pulled abreast of the kitty, it would be all she wrote for the poor thing: There’d be one quick chomp by a powerful set of dog jaws followed by cat blood splattering all over the place and accompanied by a piercing squeal to signify a hapless creature’s violent and untimely annihilation.

Oddly, though, just as Jenny was about to reach the cat and be in a perfect position to deliver the coup de grace, she swung around so as to avoid a collision, slowed to a lope, and trudged off in a different direction, showing no more interest as if thinking, “Well, if the stupid cat just wants to stand there like a potted begonia, let it. The yard is big enough for both of us.”

After all, what’s the fun in hunting and fighting something that doesn’t even run away?


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  • testazyk

    How would you have explained THAT to the neighbours?

    • Cyberquill

      Piece of cake. I’d have told her the Muslims killed her cat.

      See, my other neighbors are a Muslim family from Albania, who moved here only recently. One day, when the cat in question hadn’t returned home for an unusually long time, the cat neighbor seriously called me up to articulate her concern that those Muslims might be responsible for her cat’s disappearance.

      The thing is, her previous cat had vanished without a trace, never to be seen again, and she suspected it had been stolen (!) by the Albanian family’s predecessors at that location, some folks from Romania.

      Can you say “xenophobic”?

  • Cheri Block Sabraw

    Please don’t insult potted Begonias. They are my favorite flower and I have 4 of them.

    • Cyberquill

      Congratulations. And all four of them, I presume, behave like potted begonias. There’s no insult in behaving like a potted begonia if you are, in fact, a potted begonia. Only if an unpotted non-begonia behaves like a potted begonia may pointing this out be construed as an insult, but to that entity, not to the begonia.

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