Do Black Lives Really Matter?

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Black Lives Matter

When Rudy Giuliani took the reins in New York City, the murder rate there plummeted to unprecedented lows.

Since blacks killed by other blacks form the lion share of murder victims, this reduction in black-on-black violence meant that black lives were saved at an unprecedented level.

Giuliani, of course, is being roundly assailed, including by the Big Apple’s present hizzoner, as an insensitive stumblebum relative to the concerns of blacks; even as an outright racist by some.

Perhaps Giuliani is a racist. Perhaps he couldn’t have cared less about black lives for their own sake. Perhaps he just thought that a drop in violent crime under his watch would look good on his resumé and up his odds of riding into the White House some day, and if accomplishing this meant boosting police presence in inner city neighborhoods and frisking blacks all over the place, then so be it.

Fact is, under Giuliani’s predecessors, more blacks got killed, but fewer were offended.

Under Giuliani, more blacks were offended, but fewer got killed.

So obviously, black lives don’t matter.

What matters is being sensitive toward blacks, even if being sensitive entails refraining from implementing measures that would result in fewer blacks perishing violently.

“Give me liberty or give me death” is a fine principle. And because Patrick Henry was honest about his priorities, he didn’t stand there with a sign saying AMERICAN LIVES MATTER, because a higher value trumped life itself. Unmoored from liberty, life didn’t matter.

Accordingly, there seems to be infinitely more public outrage on display over one black life taken by a white person or a cop than there is about a hundred blacks killed by black civilians. So life itself doesn’t seem to be the primary issue.

For if black lives really mattered, shouldn’t the outrage be a little more evenly distributed?

Nothing against sticking it to whites and cops (at least to those that deserve it), but if that’s your whole act, put that on your sign.

Because if your sign reads BLACK LIVES MATTER and then you somehow forget to wield it next time a little black girl gets plugged in the temple by a stray bullet from some black thug’s Glock, what truly matters to you may be something other than black lives per se.


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