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Hi their!,
isaw ur Greglist add & ID like too apple 4proof readering postion . pleez contacts Me, setup a innerveiw u wont regret it.. prefer work form athome ,Can start ASPA ok??

Flexable raids resumeè +refrences avaibl. on request, letme no and also fluid w/ german

Sincely; Peter g

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“eigthy percents success is show Up”! (Woody Ally)

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  • Richard

    The secret of success, I’m sure.

    The next stage? Stanley Unwin, I think. 

    • Cyberquill

      Hmm. Did you know there were two kinds of boomerangs: returning and non-returning ones? I always thought its ability to return was the very essence of a boomerang, the one feature that distinguished it from any other item that could be thrown at someone or something. 

      • Richard

        In my experience, the essence of a boomerang is that it might return. The rest of the time, clearly, it doesn’t. The outcome depends not only upon the ability of the boomerang but also on that of the operators which latter, in this instance, they may be unwilling to admit.

        Great folly.

        • Cyberquill

          The essence of a returning boomerang is that it might return on its own. The essence of a non-returning boomerang is that it will neverreturn on its own. 

          The dictionary defines “boomerang” as

          a bent or curved piece of tough wood used by the Australian Aborigines as a throwing club, one form of which can be thrown so as to return to the thrower.
          There you have it: one form of which

          This means there are objects meant to be thrown that are neither designed nor supposed to return even when hurled by the most skillful operators, yet these objects are still considered boomerangs. 

          So when someone uses the term “boomerang” in a metaphorical sense, in order to figure out what that person is actually saying, we must first determine whether he or she is aware that non-returning boomerangs exist. 

          Conceivably, that person might rely on his or her audience’s ignorance of non-returning boomerangs, and use a boomerang metaphor in order to dupe them  into hearing something that hasn’t been said, a classic feint from the politician’s bag of tricks.

  • DerAllweissender

    Ich wünsche dass mein Deutsch so fließend war als dein Englisch ist. Ich genieße und versuch immer die Gelegenheit um Deutsch an zurede wenn möglich aber leider ist es nicht oft möglich in den USA.

    • Cyberquill

      Ever watched Harvey with James Stewart? You could simply befriend an invisible German rabbit. 

      • DerAllweissender

        Es scheint mir, allen Hasen sind Sprachenlos und Naja, vielen Hasen  habe Ich schon gehabt.. Zum hören? Sind sie sehr gut aber! (-:

        • Cyberquill

          True. Rabbits are great listeners because they have very long spoons. 

  • Testazyk

    Nothing like a little fluidity in German!

    • Cyberquill

      A little fluidity in German is useful as! 

      • Kurtdermensch

        Eine Pilzinfektion?
        Hahahahaha Ich töte Mich!


  • Richard

    The definition you cite of 
    boomerang is a clear case of professional bullying.
    Other examples include the geographer who insists that perpendicular
    excludes vertical, except in one special case, the
    astronomer who demands we do not use star when the heavenly
    body is a planet and the equestrian who
    maintains that a horse below a certain height must be called
    a pony.


    All these examples have a worthy, misguided, motive: to refine
    the meaning of a word.  I strongly oppose
    any effort of this kind to interfere with evolution in a lexicographical
    environment. The particular instance of professional boomerang designers is
    particularly reprehensible because they seek, consciously, to extend
    the meaning of a word. It is of the same order as the lawyer who requires that
    land includes buildings.


    The commonalty, of whom I am one, feel intimidated by
    qualified people and tend to remain silent in the face of their opinions. I
    shall not.  A boomerang is a missile for
    a manual operator designed to return after launching without further guidance when
    appropriate skills are applied. I do not  know the source of the definition you refer
    to, but the author should be urged to substitute mine. The original could be
    retained but a note made that it is confined to boomerangology. 

    No doubt speakers of  Unwinese have similar concerns. It would thus be a courtesy if I provided a translation of this comment. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge prevents me from so doing.

    • Cyberquill

      Or the professional bullier who insists that a straight line is not a curve, that Kleenex doesn’t include tissues from other companies, and that googling should exclude Bing searches. 

      By the same token, though, one could regard the exclusion of non-returning projectiles from the semantic umbrella of the word boomerang an act of professional bullying. 

      It all depends on the original meaning of boomerang, i.e.,  whether the coiners of whatever Aboriginal word our term boomerang derives from used it to refer to all hunting sticks or to returning hunting sticks only. The precise etymology of the term boomerang seems a bit murky.  

      In this article the author claims that one tribe of Aborigines called the Turuwal people had various words for various hunting sticks and that one particular word similar in sound to our word boomerang was reserved for the kind of hunting stick that would return. My sources for the all-inclusive definition of boomerang are the relevant entries on and Wikipedia

      For clarity’s sake, of course, reserving boomerang for returning objects only seems preferable.

      • Richard

        The moderator of my comment is an accomplished proof-reader.

        • Cyberquill

          Your comment looked as if its author had been bitten by a barn mouse, so I took the liberty to moderate some of your line-break and paragraph-spacing madness. I hope I didn’t ruin your poetry. 

          • Richard

            When I threw that one at you I had no idea it would come back and hit me.

            What’s Kdm laughing at? I didn’t know you could tell jokes in German.

            • Cyberquill

              Sounds like someone had mixed some crazy mushrooms into his Frosties. 

              Do you mean “you” in the general sense of “one,” i.e., you didn’t know it was possible to tell jokes in German at all, or are you addressing me specifically, i.e., you knew it was possible to tell jokes in German but you had no idea I was capable of telling them? 

            • Richard

              I meant the royal “one”, used sometimes as an alternative to the royal “we”, familiar to those of German stock.

              Today’s pageant was quite pythonesque.

            • Cyberquill

              Our Kaiser Franz Joseph reigned for 68 years. 

            • Richard

              But how tall was he?

            • Cyberquill

              At the beginning of his reign or toward the end? 

            • Richard

              Are you saying the Kaiser shrank during the reign?

            • Cyberquill

              Even royal discs are not exempt from the effects of gravity over time. 

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