A Costly Morning in September

By Cyberquill 09/11/20104 Comments

We remember the thousands of Americans who left for work that morning and never returned; the hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern non-combatants inadvertently killed or maimed in the course of the U.S. response; and the tens of thousands of troops who have thus far sacrificed their lives or limbs or been otherwise injured in the process.

If only all metal were Flexon.


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  • http://thecriticaline.wordpress.com Richard

    Yes, indeed, Peter, and these things start from such small beginnings.

    • http://www.cyberquill.com/about.php Cyberquill

      Very true. David Letterman once chronicled a typical day in the life of Osama bin Laden:

      11:30 AM: Has trouble opening a jar of peanut butter; declares jihad against Skippy.

  • http://thecriticaline.wordpress.com Richard

    Steve and I are waiting for you in the pub, Peter. We know you’re TT, but we’ve got loads of pomegranate juice and there’s four cats. Steve’s got a black Stratocaster in his truck, too.

    • http://www.cyberquill.com/about.php Cyberquill


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